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Barber Shop Near Me Doesn't Have To Be Part of Your Search Anymore


Lishion's Hair Studio and Barber in Silver Spring, MD is the place to go when you need a good barber. You don't have to spend any more time searching barber shop near me online. Instead, you can just come see us. No matter what type of haircut you're looking for, from something simple to a more unique style, we can accommodate what you're looking for. Reach out to us today, and talk to us about the way you'd like your hair cut. We're happy to help you get the look you want.


Searching barber shop near me just isn't necessary anymore, because now you know where to go. We're close by, and we have good hours, fair prices, and friendly people. Those are all you need when you're trying someplace new, and we'll do a good job on your hair because we listen to what our customers want from us. Come see us, and start loving your hair again.

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